Everything but Traditional.

Wedding Photographer Based in Portland, OR

Hi, my name is Catalina Jean. And I’m all about breaking the rules.

Catalina Jean is a wedding and elopement photographer who wants to cheerleader couples masterminding a wedding that truly feels like their own. Dogs as ring bearers? Yep. Bring your motorcycles? Absolutely. Dresses that showcase your tattoos. Hell, get tattooed on your wedding day. How about a breakdance battle for your first dance? Intimate wedding in your grandparent’s backyard? Eloping at a place you have always wanted to visit and then taking a week to explore just you two? I don’t know yet what you have in mind, but I can’t wait to scheme with you. Your love, your community, and partying hard together - thats what matters.

Based in Portland, Oregon but willing to travel anywhere.



lets run away together.


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