Golden Gate Park Wedding in San Francisco | Sarah + Erik

Golden Gate Park Wedding with Moto Details in San Francisco.

Alright, how much style does this couple have?? Sheesh. Sarah + Erik are both creatives who are avid motorcyclists and vintage collectors. They have a love for travel, Erik actually proposed when they were in Columbia. Golden Gate Park has several spots for weddings but the Shakespeare Garden is superb. The main park areas can be pretty packed with people but as soon as you start walking down the path towards the garden things quiet down and you enter a completely private, beautiful outdoor space right in the heart of San Francisco. For their reception, the couple choose The Dorian. A restaurant with the feeling of an old timey parlor meets modern vibes. Every part of this wedding reflected the couple. And that 64’ Impala. Cmon now.

From the couple…

What did you love about your wedding location(s)/venue(s)? 

We had originally planned to get married at a venue in East Bay due to cost but it didn’t really feel like us. We got creative and started looking at how we could combine an outdoor ceremony in the park with a reception at a restaurant that already had a cool vibe, requiring minimal decor. Happily we discovered Shakespeare Garden was available, tucked away amongst the trees, the garden was all in bloom with flowers despite being autumn. Being able to celebrate in our city in places that feel like home felt special and we were able to share our love for SF with family and friends.

What memory from your wedding do you remember the most strongly? What part of the day had the most effect on you or your relationship? 

One of our strongest memories wad following our first look when our friend was waiting outside of our hotel to pick us up in his 1964 Chevy Impala. He was dressed to the nines as our chauffeur and drove us to our ceremony in the park. The drive allowed us to have some quiet moments together before the chaos and we also drew some attention in our wedding attire sitting in the backseat - we couldn’t help but feel a little like royalty.

Sarah: the night before our wedding we stayed at Hotel Kabuki and woke up on the morning of our big day with a mellow start, just the two of us. We exchanged letters we wrote to one another and read them from bed. We had written custom vows that we decided we would both recite the same, but the letters were really special and surprises to each other. It was a place we could write all our feelings towards each other and our hopes for our future together.

Erik: For me it was reading our vows to each other. Sarah went first. When it was my turn I was overwhelmed with emotion and got choked up. I had a hard time speaking. We wrote and read them ahead of the ceremony but I didn’t expect it to feel so differently in the moment, more powerful and emotional.  

Funniest moment on your wedding day? Tell me all about it! 

It’s hard to choose! We had many laughs throughout the day. At our ceremony, Sarah went in for a kiss because she was feeling the love but it wasn’t “you may kiss the bride” time yet.

Erik pretended to swallow the key to our time capsule box.

The speeches!! We had hilarious laughs from our family and friend’s speeches. 

And Erik’s dad got up to sing with the live Swing band.

Where did you go on your honeymoon? Why did you choose it? 

We went to Japan! It was a bucket list destination and a place we had never been before. We were excited to visit Japan for its culture: design, zen practices, tea, language, art and history and of course the food. It did not disappoint. We were lucky to spend three whole weeks traveling the country from Tokyo to Kyoto to Fuji and more.

What advice would you give to future couples who are getting married?

Find what works for you and create the wedding that feels like it represents you and your partner, it’s not for anyone else. Family pressure, financial pressure and big day stress are realities but when the sun sets on your day, it’s gone and as quickly as it came and you’re left with the memories of an event that embodied your relationship. 

Second piece of advice, hire yourself a damn good photographer. Having Catalina’s creative eye and calm spirit gave us the gift of being able to look back on what felt like fleeting moments that were so full but so fast. We can look at her photographs and relive the magic again.

Venues: Shakespeare Garden at Golden Gate Park & The Dorian // Planner: Liza Bourkard // Video: Gold + Gumption // Band: Cosmo Alley Cats // Florist: The Floral Loft // Bakery: Craftsman & Wolves // Dress: Pronovios // Hair: Mauricio Martinez // Veil: Twigs and Honey // Groom Attire: Paul Smith // Rings: Digby & Iona

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