Designing an album in Pic-Time


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You have your photos, now what? 

In the digital age it is no surprise that many times digital images do not make it off the computer screen. A digital back-up of your professional photos is highly important and thats why I provide digital images to each of my clients. However, it shouldn't stop there.

Think about this: what if your wedding or photo session took place 10 years ago and was delivered to you on a floppy disk? Computers don't read floppy disks anymore. Its printed photos that really become some of our most cherished possessions. To feel the paper; to have something to pass down through the generations. I have a few framed photos of my sister and I when we were little sitting on my desk. And definitely probably too many photos of my dogs up around my house. But they always make me smile and think of the special people (or special fur children) in my life. I also have a stack of my own albums I’ve printed that I look through often.

I will definitely admit that I've been totally guilty of not printing my own photos. Just sharing photos on Facebook or Instagram. Not translating special memories into a form that can be preserved and enjoyed for years to come. I get busy and its an easy thing to end up on the back burner. I made a goal last year to make sure I am printing my photos and now my house is filled with prints and albums. They really make a house a home.

I believe albums are the best way to translate storytelling images from screen to print. This gives all those emotional candid photos a place in the real world. A book you can open, turn the pages, and re-live your wedding day.

Professional albums are worth it. The paper in these albums will resist fading for over 200 years. This is the album that will get passed down through the generations of your family. It really is an heirloom.

Im really passionate about getting photos out of the digital world and into the real world. I shoot specifically with albums in mind as they are the best way to capture the story and feeling of a wedding day.

OK, I’ll stop being mushy. :) Thanks for reading! And let me know if you have any questions at all.



Above is a tutorial video on how to design a wedding album in Pic-Time!

The self-design software is so easy to use. Follow the instructions in the video to start designing your own album!

A short summary of the tutorial video…

1) Choose your favorite images using the “heart” icon to create a favorites folder. It will be titled “my likes”.

2) Review the two albums available and choose which one you would like to purchase! There is a fine art premium album as well as a simpler lay flat version.

3) Open the designer and choose your album cover fabric and if you would like text on the cover.

4) Now start designing! You can begin with Pic-Time’s album it designed for you, or click “empty pages” to start fresh. I personally like to start fresh with a blank slate so I can design the story.

4) Click “my likes” to view your favorite photos. Then design away!

5) When you are finished, click “add to cart”. The system will then have you approve the cover and each page.

6) Once in the shopping cart, you can change the quantity of albums from 1 to as many as you like! Albums are perfect gifts for family members.

7) If you have any issues, click the live chat bubble at the bottom right of the screen.

8) Happy designing!!!