| 2014 Travels | Part 1 - San Francisco |

I had the distinct pleasure of traveling down to the San Francisco area with Amanda of Amanda Marie Photography. This girl is not only a fellow photographer and friend but keeps me sane on hard days when I'm stressed or confused about my business. There is something so wonderful about having a colleague to chat about business and creative ideas, discuss struggles, and really be a co-worker of sorts even though we both have separate businesses. And I completely lost my voice after talking pretty much for a solid 4 days with this talented lady on our little trip. 

We thought it would be a splendid idea to drive down the coastal route to good ol' SF and 1) did not realize just how long it would take and 2) that most of the drive would end up being at night. So most of what should have been a pretty drive was spent in darkness on curvy roads. However, we did stumble upon a black sand beach just as the day's light was fading to take some photos. Here are some of Amanda...


After this we headed to an AMAZING photography workshop in Point Reyes (to be featured in Part 2). Then we headed to downtown San Fran for some adventuring around the city. We started our trek in China Town with some amazing dim sum at Imperial Palace. Then we ran around taking way too many photos and looking like complete tourists, but we were so that's OK. :) We attempted to figure out the bus system which left us walking around aimlessly and confused for about an hour before we found the right bus to take us to Haight Ashbury. Shopping commenced and new shoes were purchased before heading to Flour + Water for some much needed celebratory wine. This restaurant was heavenly. I highly recommend checking it out if you are ever in SF. We stayed out too late, slept in, and then headed to a food cart park for lunch before starting the long journey back to the NW. And, of course, more photos...

Stay tuned for Part 2... <3


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