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| How to Preserve and Care for your Digital Wedding Photos |

You received your wedding photos as digital image files through either a CD, USB, or direct download from your online gallery. But now what? How do you make sure your photos are protected as the years go by?

Below are the steps to take to ensure your wedding photos are preserved and enjoyed for generations to come. 

1) Copies. Lots of them. 

One of the major benefits of digital image files is that copies can be made so easily. Simply purchase a few USB drives and copy/paste all the folders from your original USB or downloaded files to the USB copies. Then give those copies to close family members for safe keeping. However, keep in mind your USBs are really more of a back-up then the final product of your wedding photography. That is where prints comes in...

2) Printing is truly forever.

One of the major drawbacks of digital image files/USBs is that computers seem to be changing drastically. What if you had received your wedding photos on a floppy disk? More and more computers nowadays don't even have disk drives for CDs. Also computers, USBs, and any electronic device has a chance of failing or becoming corrupted. 

The solution: Go old school and make prints. Lots of them. You can do this directly from your online gallery provided by your photographer or print them yourself using your print release. The prints provided by professional photographers are top quality and resist fading for decades (the prints I provide to clients resist fading for up to 200 years). 

If you loved the portraits but also the candids taken at your wedding then I would highly suggest purchasing a wedding album from your photographer. This is really the best way for the full wedding story to make it to print and thus be saved and cherished for years to come. 


About the Author: Catalina Jean loves anything sci-fi, has little sense of direction, and spends her free time snuggling her crazy Boston Terriers. She is a wedding photographer based in Portland, OR specializing in capturing artistic portraits paired with unique storytelling moments to produce natural, emotional wedding photography.