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When I first came across the above image (taken by my second shooter for this wedding) I paused. Yes, that is me running, getting duel camera bodies ready in each hand like some sort of wild west cowboy, and looking rather silly. But I saw a moment happening: two little ones throwing flower petals from the ceremony site into the air while laughing and jumping wildy. So I ran. I got the cameras ready as I ran. And I captured this moment. Its not mind blowingly artistic. Its not an epic portrait on a cliff top. But it is real. And it is so incredibly special in telling the story of this couple's wedding day.

Why am I photographer? This. This is why. Capturing happiness, capturing love, capturing the joy shared on a wedding day. I do love to create dynamic portraits with unique light and beautiful surroundings. But this is what gets me teary eyed when I’m editing. Images that are bursting with raw emotion. Emotion like in the images below. Knowing those little ones will grow up one day. Knowing this photo captured them as they truly were as children: wild. carefree. happy.

Candid wedding photo of children playing


About the Author: Catalina Jean loves anything sci-fi, has little sense of direction, and spends her free time snuggling her crazy Boston Terriers. She is a wedding photographer based in Portland, OR specializing in capturing artistic portraits paired with unique storytelling moments to produce natural, emotional wedding photography. 

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