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split my lip

open my mouth wide

no more


I have followed Abi Q and Blush’s work for a very long time. Their work was the very reason I begin a journey into wedding photography as an art rather than just a service. These two constantly prove that weddings can be shot different; in a way that was both creative and telling an honest story of the couple’s love. Thus, when I saw they were doing a workshop together I knew I had to attend. Every year (or a several times a year) I seem to have to re-evaluate where I am in my life and in my work. This workshop came at a perfect time where I was struggling with digging deeper into a direction of my work and what it means to be a creative. To truly create. Not copy, not do whatever is popular at the time, but to truly create from that weird space in our minds where our hidden beautiful, unique voice is just waiting to be tapped into. 

The workshop was everything I personally needed to give me a swift kick in the right direction. It was filled with big a-ha moments, lots of wine, talking for hours under the moonlight, and engaging in shooting situations that made me wonderfully uncomfortable. Only in pushing into the uncomfortable can we truly learn anything worthwhile.

A special thank you to Abi and Brooke for pouring all of themselves into this workshop. I don’t have words to describe how much it meant to me. And thank you to everyone who attended for making between teachings such a blast. You are all gems and I am honored to have met you.

Make-Up: Melissa Hoffman // Florals: Shotgun Floral Studio

You can check out info on the Theory Workshop by clicking here.


About the Author: Catalina Jean loves anything sci-fi, has little sense of direction, and spends her free time snuggling her crazy Boston Terriers. She is a wedding photographer based in Portland, OR specializing in capturing artistic portraits paired with unique storytelling moments to produce natural, emotional wedding photography.