| 2014 Travels | Part 2 - Every Wedding is an Adventure |

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the "Every Wedding is an Adventure" workshop put on by Ed Peers and Nirav Patel. These two are not only ridiculously talented but pour so much of their life experiences into their work, which is really what art is all about. The workshop was focused on finding one's own art and how to shape that into a business process/model/branding to attract potential clients who are inspired by the specific images created through one's unique artistic expression (now that was a mouthful).

Honestly, the workshop was pretty life changing for me. I felt like I had lost my "first love" of sorts within my photographic art. When I first started the images I produced were moody and emotional, featuring movement and beautiful imperfections, less structured and more thought-provoking with a certain depth within them. I feel like I somehow lost this along the way as I traveled deeper into the the industry of wedding photography. This workshop really gave me the course correction I needed to get back to why I fell in love with photography in the first place. And for that I am incredibly thankful.

One of the key parts of the workshop for me was meeting the other photographers in the group. I seriously cannot express how much I love hanging around other photographers. For one, I can talk for hours about photography without feeling like I'm being annoying. :) But really there is just this unique connection that is just there.

We come together with so many shared experiences. We each went through the struggle of starting a business, finding our art, over editing and re-editing, maybe even being doubted by family and friends that photography isn't a "real" job :). So we meet and we already have all these similar experiences to discuss. It's really an awesome thing, like an instant ice breaker (which is great for those more introverted, like myself). 

There was a live shoot during the workshop at one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. Fields with long grass led to a cliff infused coastline with the most perfect hazy color-filled sunset. Our models for the workshop were the awesome Jenny and Zachary from We are the Hoffmans

The day ended with pizza, beers and a few pretty epic games of pool. Hours of conversation commenced including Alex Mark's wonderful stories of huge Australian spiders coming into his home every few months LIKE THIS WAS A COMMON OCCURRENCE. I am not so sure I want to visit Australia anymore. ;)

And, of course, photos..


And here is some of the native wildlife.... ;)       (a.k.a our workshop leaders extraordinaire)

/ / /

Thank you to all involved for making this such an amazing experience. I am eternally grateful <3