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| Tor + Elias | Vancouver Wedding Photography

Tor and Elias dated for about 6 months before Tor left for the Peace Corps. Since Tor was leaving for 2.5 years, and they had only dated a little while, they split up for that time.  It was difficult because they were so in love. They wrote lots of letters.  When Tor came back, it was clear that their feelings were still there, and they got back together almost right away. Tor was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship, and was going abroad again for a year to teach agriculture. This time, they decided to stay together and dealt with the long distance apart. Tor was abroad for about 4 days and just couldn't be without him. Tor called and asked Elias to come with her abroad. It took a couple of months for the paperwork, but Elias left his whole life to go and live with her in a developing country (Azerbaijan). They were there together for about 9 months, and then they moved to Indonesia for about 5 months. Elias proposed to Tor in February as a surprise at Karaoke, singing their song  (Would You Go With Me by Josh Turner) while all of their friends slowly came in and joined him on the stage. The ring Elias gave to Tor has very special significance as it was passed down from his grandmother. 

Because of Tor's career path, they decided to get married in an intimate civil ceremony with their closest friends at a park at sunset. They plan to have their big wedding celebration a few months down the road. Their decision on being wed in the state of Washington was to support the equal rights of marriage that they wholeheartedly believe in. This couple is a beautiful example of living out their beliefs through their own life. 

We also did a post ceremony shoot near the park with the most perfect sunset. :) 

I was so honored to capture their ceremony and cannot wait to shoot their wedding late this summer!