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Hello, my name is Catalina.

I have been obsessively capturing images ever since I was given my first disposable camera at 13 years old. I found that photography isn't just something I like to do, it is something I have to do. It has become artistic outlet, the language that communicates how I see the world, and a way to forever hold on to beautiful memories. I shot my first wedding and immediately fell in love with capturing a day so packed full of wonderful emotion and profound moments.


My Story...

/// I'm married to this wonderful guy Daniel who is always up for Sunday morning walks to the bakery, adventures to new places, and many arcade game battles. He always wins at Time Crisis and I always win at Air Hockey. /// I have two crazy Boston Terriers. Kingsley, who sprints around in circles at various times for no apparent reason and Henry, who loves to steal shoes. They have their very own hashtags. #littlekingsleyman #henrythered /// I live in downtown Portland, OR and love every inch of the city. You can usually find me attempting to surf, reading sci-fi novels, or enjoying a craft brew. 


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Photo by Levi Tijerina